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29th August 2013

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Decided a 2nd attempt at film soup was necessary, with the aim not to warp the film so badly it jams in the shops scanner. Hoping now that I have flattened the previous negatives they might be able to do it.

Using guidance from:

A friend of Tom who got me onto this technique::

This time I boiled a solution of:

  • green water colour paint
  • salt
  • washing powder
  • braso
  • paprika
  • stain remover
  • 1/2 a fire lighter

I then turned the heat down, once all the above were completely dissolved, or suspended within the liquid, placed the film in, and left for 10 minutes. For 2 minutes I allowed the soup to boil (using the metal mesh container on top of a ring of metal to keep the canister from being exposed to the heat from direct contact with the teapot), resuming low heat for 10 more minutes.

The film and some of the solution were then put into a bottle with more salt, in the attempt to create more distortion through degredation  of the film, and will be left for 48 hours.

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